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Janitorial Insurance

GoToInsure.ca specializes in Janitorial Insurance serving all of Atlantic Canada.

Your priority is to focus on protecting your business and also your clients' property. Whether is working in a commercial space or a private home, your clients trust you to take care of their property like it was your own. Even if you have been doing this for 20 years as a professional, incidents do happen and you don’t want to be held liable for a loss and not having the right protection.

Can this happen to you?

We all think that accidents only happen to others, however they do happen to everybody willing or not. Here are some frequently heard stories about owners of janitorial businesses that can also happen to you:

  • Someone slipped and fell or they get hurt in your work area.
  • Someone sues you because damage has been accidentally done to their belongings.
  • Using your car for business use and you get in an accident.
  • Equipment gets damage and stops you from continuing to work.
  • A client makes a claim against your organization because one of your employees stole from them.
  • A computer has been damaged in the course of cleaning

Most business owners don’t have thousands of dollars in the bank just in case of a lawsuit; why not transfer the risk to a Janitorial Insurance or Custodian Insurance, so that you can concentrate on what you do best; doing business.

Janitorial and cleaning businesses perform almost all of their work at locations outside their own offices, generating a unique set of risks and plenty of opportunities for financial losses. Whether your cleaning business has one employee or 30, in this kind of business, you're never far from a lawsuit or costly expense you didn't budget for. That's where we come in with solutions to help your business thrive in a cleaning or janitorial service. Your package may include some or all of the following:

  • Coverage for real property if you own your business premises.
  • General liability to cover your responsibility for bodily injury and property damage to others.
  • Automobile coverage for liability arising from the use of your vehicles and for damage to the vehicles themselves.
  • Umbrella liability to provide extra limits.
  • Fidelity Insurance to cover fraudulent acts perpetrated by employees.
  • Employee benefit programs for life & Group Benefits.

Things to know before selecting your coverage;

Know your business risks

This one is the most important part of your homework. If you don’t know the specific risks inhering to your kind of business, you may end up with not enough protection to save your business of a critical situation.

Prioritize coverage over cost

You need to be ready if an accident does come along your way. This could break your company.

Consider the deductibles

Even though higher deductibles reduce your premium, you want to be comfortable with the amount that you will need to disburse in case of a lawsuit.

Be realistic when you have to estimate your insurance needs

If a client sues your company, the legal cost could be extremely expensive, better to be safe than sorry!

Talk to an expert today at GoToInsure.ca specialist in Janitorial Insurance and Custodian Insurance, servicing all of Atlantic Canada!

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